Breakfast Cookie Flapjacks

Breakfast Cookie Flapjacks

These breakfast cookie flapjacks are a perfect low calorie, filling breakfast snack (120 calories each). Dairy and lactose free. Are they flapjacks? Are they Cookies? Who knows.

How to make lactose free yoghurt

To make yourself some lactose free milk it’s the same as making normal yoghurt from scratch, but you use lactofree free milk instead.

Lactose Free Cheesecake

This is an easy to make cheesecake, great for individual servings.You can mess around with flavours and add strawberries, orange, mint, whatever you like really. Let us know how yours turn out

Dairy Free Banoffee Pie (No Bake with salted caramel)

I promised this one a while back but I’m finally getting around to posting it! (Sorry for the delay guys!) This comes out VERY sweet with the soya condensed milk but its worth it. I use lactofree butter for the butter but you can use the baking vegetable oil stuff too as a replacement for the butter – and look for “free from” digestive biscuits for the biscuit base. (I think we’ve swapped out nearly every ingredient now!)

2 ingredient Dairy Free Banana Pancakes

Egg Free Lactose Free Gluten Free Victoria Sponge

This recipe will please everyone whether they eat everything or nothing. This is a gluten, dairy and egg free victoria sponge that tastes great.