Does Almond Milk Have Lactose?

Does almond milk contain any lactose? No.

When looking at dairy and lactose free alternatives – almond milk is great. It doesn’t have any cholesterol or saturated fat, its also a great source of vitamin E. Almond milk is also easy to make. (grind up almonds and blend with water and strain). If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that making it yourself will get you much better benefits as store bought can be more water than almonds, and far less than home made.

Almond milk is also making its way into amazing ice creams (Almond Dream and Ben and Jerry dairy free Ice Cream are both Almond based and amazing!)

It has a nice nutty taste that works well in cereal, I like it in coffee and tea too, and its great in baking. I find its a flavour that works with whatever you cook rather than against it. So if you’re avoiding lactose and dairy and haven’t tried almond milk – pick up a carton in your next shop and try it for yourself.