Does coconut milk contain lactose?

Does coconut milk have lactose? No.

A lot of people wonder if coconut contains lactose. The answer is a really quick and simple no – there is no lactose in coconut milk or coconut water. There is no dairy, and most of time when you buy tins/drinks etc it will be lactose free and pure. However we have noticed that coco coffees and some other coconut based yoghurts add in lactose or milk. So always double check the ingredients to make sure. But coconut milks and coconut water will be lactose free.

Coconut milk makes a great alternative in sauces and curries but we find the coconut taste does come through so if you’re not a fan of the coconut taste, be warned – it will make it through most recipes and make them a little bit more coconuty.

We haven’t tried baking with coconut alternatives but let us know if you have below and how it turned out.

Also be warned that coconut is quite high in fats and calories – so if you’re counting your calores, check the portion size as it adds up quickly!