lactose free, dairy free and vegan protein powder options

Lactose free protein

Everyone knows you need protein to build muscle, whether this comes from chicken, veg, or powders and shakes, you’ll need to up your intake to balance out the muscle you’re breaking down and want to build. Protein powders and shakes are the easiest way to increase the amount of protein without extra calories and carbs but they are usually made from milk and whey which has lactose. However if you’re vegan dairy free or lactose in tolerant we want to avoid drinking lactose.

We’ve included the best protein powders below with their protein content percentage below.

Which protein powders are lactose free?

Diet whey isolate 97 (97%)  and Isopure (50%) are both lactose free but milkwhey based. The more pure the protein, the lower the lactose content so you may be ok with some.

Which protein powders are dairy free?

Beef (97%), Egg (80%) and all the vegan proteins below are dairy free

Which protein powders are vegan?

Soy (90%), Rice (80%), Pea (80%) , Hemp (50%), Sunflower (43%) and Guarana (13%) are all vegan. (And therefore lactose and dairy free too). Some companies make a “vegan” powder too which is usually a mix of the above.

Lactose Dairy Free Vegan Protein