Surprise Sources of Lactose

We all know about milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, chocolate and cream! But how many of these products that can contain lactose did you already know?

Surprise Sources of Lactose

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Breads and Croutons

Bread outside of packaging doesn’t typically list ingredients. While most bread recipes don’t typically use milk – some do and its not unusual for bread to be glazed with milk or butter. We’ve even seen lactose as an added ingredient in supermarket croutons

Cured Meats

Lomo and Chorizo are typically cured using lactose. Again not all cured meats are – but if you’re eating from a selection or its in a recipe you can never be sure without seeing the packaging

Potato and Tortilla Chips (Crisps for us Brits!)

Pringles, Walkers (Lays) and many other chips use lactose in their flavouring. Check the back of the packets. You’re usually fine with “salted” but it sneaks into lots of other flavours so read the back of the packet

Chicken Marinated in milk

Not always listed in the ingredients, but when asked in restaurants, we’ve seen chicken and other meats marinated in milk overnight. Ask your server to check and the chef will know

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Canderel contain lactose as a bulking agent. Many of the individual serving packets don’t list ingredients so make sure you know which ones are ok by checking their websites so you’re prepared