Top 15 Free Apps for Food Bloggers

A good timer

Absolutely essential is a good timer app. You want one you can set easily and if possible set up multiple timers on so you can track what you’re cooking. Take your pick from many on thevarious app stores. I used OVO for a while, but now I just use the system default on Android. You shouldn’t have to pay for a good timing app.


Obviously instagram. If you’re a food blogger theres no excuse for not having instagram. You should be following other bloggers you like, seeking out new content and uploading your own on a regular basis. Try following tags that are specific to your recipe niches. Instagram could warrant its own post really, so I won’t delve into too much detail here.

Visit the official site here


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This is an extension for Instagram available on both iOS and Android. It runs as its own separate app.It will let you put together collages of images. Great for when you need to highlight a few things but don’t want to upload multiple individual posts. Layout is little more flexible than other similar apps like photocollage. Look for the little icon when you’re creating pictures and it will push you to the correct version.


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Another app from the Instagram team. Great for making very quick gif like loops. Not great for on the fly moments as you have about 3 seconds to make your picture, but you can get some nice mini videos out of it. Great for mixing up the content on your feed. I have only started using it but I like it so far.

My Fitness Pal


This is great for tracking calories and general diet/nutrition information. But if you have recipes, you can put in the measurements and ingredients of your cake or meal and it will give you the calorie count for that food. Perfect so you can add calorie information to your recipes posts. You can also save it as your own meal so next time you eat it you can preload that recipe. If anyone knows of something similar with allergy information let me know 🙂

Set Up My Fitness Pal Here


Or whichever email client you use. You’ll want to be able to check emails on your phone, pick up opportunities quick and so on. A basic essential, but essential none the less.


I love this app, it has tons of filters built in for different food types like sweet, chewy, bbq, etc. This pulls out the best colours as filters. These are much better than Instagram’s options and are more tailored for food. You can swipe and see the different looks before you take a picture. It also gives you a yellow box when you have the “perfect picture”. This usually just means its level and well compose. This really is a must have app. I’ll take picture in this and then upload to instagram and do any additional tweaks I need within instagram.

Download on iOS

Download on Play

Push Bullet

Push Bullet
Pushbullet lets you send webpages and files from your phone to your desktop and your desktop to you phone. Perfect if you find a recipe on your computer and want to quickly load it on your phone. You just need an extension for chrome and the app for your phone. Very simple, but essential for getting through the hundreds of tabs I have open on my phone that I want to read on my computer.

Visit the pushbullet website to set it up

Dropbox and Drop Sync

Dropbox is a great free cloud backup tool on its own. When paired with dropsync or something similar on your phone you can get it to save your instagram and foodie pics automatically. When it comes time to write your blog post you’ll find all your nicely taken images all ready on your computer. Dropbox have a free app on android and ios but I can’t find out how to explicitly link folders so I use DropSync to do this for me.. If you know how, please let me know too.

Dropbox website here


_20160423_171635 lets you very simple set up “Recipes” that say “If this that” across many different apps, websites and devices. For me this includes.

  • If I make and instagram post, then post that to twitter as a picture post
  • If I like a picture on instagram add it to my pinterest
  • If I write a blog post, add that to facebook

and lots of other little things too (like sending me the weather in the morning)

Visit IFTTT to set up all your connected devices and accounts

Top Tags

There are tons of free and paid versions of top tags apps so find one that works for you. I tried out some paid ones but wasn’t impressed. These should ideally pull out trending tags, but even ones which give you the top tags around certain themes like fitness, vegan, diet, food etc will give you some of the most popular tags to use on your instagram posts. Remember you can only have 25 per post though, its great to mix it up and create some default tags you use on your posts.

Have a look on the app store for one that works for you.


If you want to check out your site stats on the move then having Google analytics is a must on your phone. Not as depth as the full version on desktop but still useful.

Get it on Android
Get it on iOS


If you use twitter this is also a must. turn off all the annoying default notifications and just have it set to let you know when people follow you, retweet you or message you.



I’ve only just discovered this myself while researching this article, later is free and lets you schedule your instagram posts (from desktop or on your mobile) to go live whenever you like. Great so you can schedule the perfect pictures to go live at the most relevant times when they will get the most potentially visibility and likes

Visit to set it up with your phone and your accounts
What tools do you use? Let us know if theres any tools we should be using.