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Dairy Free Potato Salad

Dairy Free Potato Salad

  By Gareth  ,

June 1, 2016

For national BBQ week we've paired up with Chippa May-O to make the perfect Dairy Free Potato salad. It's also vegan too so you can have your egg free potato salad too. The perfect side dish for any summer BBQ. Chippa is Egg Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free so its perfect for everyone.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
Dairy Free Potato Salad


1Peel the potatoes, and boil them in salt water for around 10 minutes (or until cooked through)

2Drain the potatoes and allow to cool.

3Chop the spring onions.

4Mix the Chippa mayonnaise with garlic paste and salt and pepper to taste.

5Mix everything together in a bowl and serve

Egg Free Potato Salad


16 Salad Potatoes

4 Spring Onions

130 g Chippa Mayonnaise (egg, dairy, wheat free)

2 tsp Garlic Paste


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