How to make lactose free yoghurt

  By Gareth  ,

March 5, 2016

To make yourself some lactose free milk it’s the same as making normal yoghurt from scratch, but you use lactofree free milk instead.


1Bring whole milk to boil, turn off heat, let cool to about 45C

2Whisk in few tbsp natural yog, transfer to sterilised jars, leave somewhere warm for few hours or overnight, chill, et voilà!

3You have to use normal natural yoghurt to begin with so not 100% lactose free, but after a few batches it’ll be negligible I assume I kinda of wish there were more steps since it is such a short blog post, but its a nice simple recipe for you! I’m not sure if you can use this as a starting point to make lactose free frozen yoghurt with but I don’t see why you couldn’t. I’ve also been reading up and apparently live cultures in yoghurt will digest some of the lactose for you, so this SHOULD be fine on most people’s stomach. It is important to note that that is only with LIVE yoghurts, not with Bio yoghurts.


1 Live Yoghurt

1 Whole Milk (Lactose Free)


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