Franco Manca Pizza – Sour Dough Pizza Awesomeness

Franco Manca

Franco Manca Pizza is amazing. There you go post over! But seriously, Franco Manca have Sour Dough pizzas cooked in an authentic (specially built I believe) pizza oven. They have a restaurant in Brixton and now one in Warren Street, so today I went and grabbed one for lunch as I had a pizza craving. The joy of these pizzas are that they can easily do any toppings you want without cheese, but they even have a selection of ones without cheese on anyway – they are simply great recipes. The quality of everything from the meat to the dough to the vegetables is top quality, and they are fairly priced. Around £4.50 for a plainish pizza (no cheese) and around £7 for a more fancy one.

Franco Manca Pizza
Whether you’re avoiding cheese or not, grab a pizza. They only come in one size. They are made and cook very quickly and if it’s too busy to sit down you can even grab a take away. Franco Manca – as cliche as it’s become to say – really is probably the best pizza in London.