Ms Cupcake Brixton

How could I not have a post about Ms Cupcake on this blog? Honestly? Every time I go and get a cupcake there – I forget to take a picture for the blog! – Ms Cupcake is a Canadian that came over here and started an amazing Vegan Bakery. She has a recipe book (which I hope to get soon and try out and review). Some bakeware, and some amazing cupcakes in store as well as general vegan products you can buy instore like chocolate, ice cream and other things.

When I first went there I kept double checking that everything really was dairy free because they seemed to good to be true. Are they SURE the ferro roche is dairy free, how about the cookies! Now I just trust them and grab what I can before they sell out. They have an amazing knack for making moist cupcakes, and if no-one told you they were vegan you would never even question it. This is a great regular place to go if you fancy a treat, the staff are lovely and know what they are taking about, and the cupcakes are delicious. If you’re looking for dairy free or vegan or gluten free cupcakes and you’re in London you have no excuse not to visit Ms Cupcake – and if you live in Brixton and you haven’t been I don’t even know what to say! Perfect with a cup of tea or a coffee too.

408 Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8LF,