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Gareth’s Pulled Pork Recipe

This is (my) Gareth's pulled pork recipe. If i need a quick reliable pulled pork done in a slow cooker this is one of my go-to's. I have my own rubs and smoker recipes too, but those are for another day and not great for beginners. This is great to get you into making your own pulled pork and you can learn to make it your own from here.

Breakfast Cookie Flapjacks

Breakfast Cookie Flapjacks

These breakfast cookie flapjacks are a perfect low calorie, filling breakfast snack (120 calories each). Dairy and lactose free. Are they flapjacks? Are they Cookies? Who knows.

Dairy Free Coconut Macaroons

These coconut macaroons are Paleo, dairy free, lactose free and simple and quick to make! Really tasty and store pretty well too.