Are Eggs Dairy Free and Do They Contain Lactose

Lots of people seem to get confused regarding eggs being dairy. If you ask if a meal contains lactose you’ll often get the reply “it contains eggs, is that ok?” Yes, of course its ok.

Are Eggs Dairy?

No eggs are not dairy. Dairy is made from milk which is different to where eggs are produced…Eggs come from chickens, and as far know, chicken’s don’t make milk either. Eggs are often sold in the dairy isle of a supermarket in the US and on shelves in the UK.

Are eggs lactose free or dairy free?

Yes, since they contain no milk they are dairy and lactose free. But they are not vegan since they are produced by an animal

Why are eggs considered dairy?

Officially they aren’t but they are sold in the same area of supermarkets in America. (In America eggs need to be refrigerated, in the UK they don’t need to be refrigerated), They also used to be delivered by milk men so perhaps that’s where part of it comes from. Eggs aren’t meat and they aren’t dairy and they aren’t vegan but they are dairy and lactose free.