Are marshmallows dairy and lactose free?

are marshmallows dairy free - yes

Marshmallows. They improve everything. Yams, Sweet potatoes, hot chocolate, smoores! Fluffy and delicious. But are they ok if you’re avoiding lactose and dairy or even if you’re vegan. Lets take a look today

Do marshmallows have lactose or dairy

No. Marshmallows are dairy and lactose free. They are mainly sugar and gelatin which are both lactose and dairy friendly. If you’re having it with hot chocolate or coffee you’ll obviously have to make sure you pick a lactose or dairy free milk

Are marshmallows vegan?

No. Marshmallows contain gelatin which is made from animal bones, so they are not vegan friendly. If you look in stores like wholefoods and holland and barratĀ Freedom Mallow White Vanilla which are vegan friendly.

Enjoy your hot chocolate and smoores!