Are peeps lactose and dairy free?

are peeps dairy and lactose free - yes

Peeps! Basically easter in a delicious little yellow bundle (or pink!) When something is fluffy and sweet it can be hard to tell if thres lactose or dairy hidden in there. Lets find out if they do or not

Are peeps lactose and dairy free? Do Peeps contain lactose?

Yes – Peeps are dairy free. No peeps do not contain lactose. However they are not vegan because they contain gelatin. The ingredients of peeps are: Sugar, gelatin, wax and some other bits.

Are peeps vegan?

No – peeps contain gelatin and are not vegan.


Now go microwave them or stick them in a hot chocolate or whatever you do with them 🙂 (we’re lacking peeps in the UK). Let us know why peeps are the best in the comments.