Does cocaine contain lactose

does cocaine have lactose - sometimes

Looking aside from the legality of the issue, and the mystery of what comes in illegal drugs, if you’re lactose intolerant is this another worry and a reason not to do drugs.

Does cocaine have lactose in?

Cocaine itself does not have lactose but it is commonly cut with lactose. Lactose is a white sweet powder (sguar) and tends to be cut with drugs like cocaine, mdma and other pills. Drugs are very rarely pure and are cut with other things to bulk them out and increase profits, lactose doesn’t react with anything so its a common choice. So is there lactose in cocaine? Potentially yes there can be.

Obviously drugs don’t come with ingredients so you’ll never know. Some people have said this is why it can have the effect of making you need the bathroom straight away. To learn more about the risks, effects and questions, take a look at the amazing website – Frank┬ácocaine is a class A drug and if you’re lactose intolerant that’s just one more thing to worry about.