Is Halloumi Dairy Free?

Halloumi – the delicious squeezy rubbery cheese that’s perfect on the BBQ. Its a great addition to your BBQ, but is halloumi dairy free? and is halloumi lactose free? Generally made from a mix of sheep, cow and goat milk.So lets look at both parts of this question.

Is halloumi dairy free?

No. No matter how its made it will contain dairy, it will generally be a blend of goat, sheep and cow milk. All of which count as dairy. So if you’re dairy intolerant or vegan, avoid halloumi.

Is halloumi lactose free?

No, BUT. If it is made with sheep and goat’s milk, it will be very low in lactose as these are naturally lower in lactose. People with lactose intolerance can sometimes tolerate the levels of lactose in sheep and goat milk and therefore, halloumi. However, lots of cheaper brands mix it with cows milk which will increase the amount of lactose the halloumi contains. So check the packet to see if it uses cows milk and thenĀ Use our guide on how to know if cheese contains lactose.