Does breast milk contain lactose?

does breast milk have lactose

This is one of the questions we get most. Today we answer the most popular question around a food or drink that has lactose. A question for the curious.

Does breast milk contain lactose?

Yes human breast milk has lactose. Milk from all mammals has various levels of lactose. (Cows milk has lots, goats milk has less). Babies can be lactose intolerant and react to the lactose in their mothers milk but having similar reactions does not mean they shouldn’t be fed breast milk . Babies can also suffer from lactose overload which is where they are getting too much. Even adults can suffer from lactose overload (ever heard of the milk jug challenge!).

Will drinking less dairy make breast milk have less lactose?

No. Drinking less dairy will not make breast milk have less lactose.

If you’re not sure if your baby has lactose intolerant, check with your doctor. If you’re lactose intolerant and tempted to try breast milk, perhaps give it a miss, or take some lactase pills.