Lacto Freedom Review – Does it Work?


I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to try Lacto Freedom Probiotic which claims to give long term relief from lactose intolerance.

So lets break this down

Does Lacto Freedom Work?

For me – yes. It started working after around 2 weeks and lasted for around 3 months.

How does it work?

Lacto Freedom has probiotic cultures which survive into the gut and stay alive. These cultures then stay there and thrive for a few months (or longer) and digest the lactose in food for you. Basically producing the lactase you can’t produce yourself. The name of this stain is L. acidophilus.

Is this a cure for lactose intolerance?

Kind of. For me this gave me relief for around 2-3 months. Since becoming lactose intolerant i’ve naturally cut out a lot of dairy from my diet. During the 2 months i made more of an effort to eat things with dairy in in order to see if it worked. This included croissants, a whole box of donuts and some cakes. All of which would normally effect me. And surprisingly I was fine with all of them.

After around 2-3 months the effects wore off and there was a stage where i had mild symptoms and then after 3 months it was back to normal.

Whats the difference between Lacto Freedom and Lactase Pills


Lactofreedom you take for 7 days and then don’t have to take it again for 3 months. Lactase pills you need to take with every meal with lactose in and only works for that one meal at a time.

Taking the probiotics


Taking these there was a warning that it might upset my stomach. I was actually fine taking these. I took 3 a day for the 7 days and was fine. I gave it a couple of weeks before i tried any dairy in order to allow the cultures to settle and hopefully grow. And it seemed to work.

Would you take it again?


Yes I would. If I could get enough to the UK where it works out cheap enough I would take it every few months. I’ve naturally cut out a lot of dairy in my life due to being lactose intolerant but this is perfect for the times where you’re eating out or on holiday and you can’t always be certain if a meal has lactose in it and don’t have any lactase pills with you (or don’t realise there is milk in the meal until too late).

I would recomend this product. It worked well with no side effects for me and lasted for 3 months which is a pretty good deal. A bottle runs at $19.99 with $3 shipping and $19 shipping to the UK

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