Tassimo Machine Review and Lactose Free Pods

I was lucky enough to be sent a tassimo machine to review. I’ve written about lactose free coffee machine pods in the past and I previously owned a Lavazza coffee machine which got pretty regular use.

So first of all, my previous Lavazza machine only made Espresso’s which made it easy to ensure everything was dairy free, but it did mean you had to craft all the drinks yourself.

One of the benefits of the Tassimo machine is that it can do different sizes drinks (Espressos, Americanos, Capuchinos) but it can also do Tea and Hot Chocolate. The machine I was sent which is the T40 has a pretty big water resovoir, and it typically lasts me for around 8-10 drinks.

In terms of use, its pretty easy to use out of the box. The only issues I had where when the barcode reader got dirty and it caused the machine to not make drinks properly. We ended up with a spillage and the machine covered in coffee and water. Once we realised it was the barcode reader we had no issues.

I had a large selection of pods to pick from including the Costa pods. Weirdly there were my least favourite. I really liked the L’or, Jacobs and Kenco.

For the lactose free and dairy lactose free Tassimo drinks options you’re pretty much looking at black coffees, espressos, americanos etc. The hot chocolates and mixed drinks all have milk which is a shame. Hopefully in the future they’ll add some dairy free versions. It would be great to see some soy, almond or oat milk versions of the lattes and capchinos, but I don’t see any brands doing this.

This machine has actually replaced the Lavazaa machine we used to use. Its really quick to set up, heats up really quickly and the coffee is great. For iced coffees in summer it will be interesting to see how it does. I usually use my Areopress but if this can make it just as easily it’ll be nice.

The pods tend to about £4-5 for 16 so around 30p a coffee. The machine runs from about £50-200 but they all take the same pods, the difference is mostly size and style. If you want to help the planet, you can cut the pods open carefully and put the grounds in the compost but its not as easy as the lavazza pods due to the shape. Hopefully this is something all coffee pod companies work on.