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I’ve tried HelloFresh a few times now, and one of the worries I had about a food box as a lactose intolerant person was.. “Will I be able to eat anything!”. How do I select recipes without lactose (or dairy if Lactose isn’t an option). Well it’s possible, sort of to get lactose free recipes from HelloFresh.

The good new is that yes! You will be able to eat almost everything. The bad new is that while there are lactose free meals, you cannot set this as the default type of meal you want. (You can select vegetarian boxes, but that doesn’t rule out dished with cheese).

If you don’t know what HelloFresh is, it’s a subscription box which will send you full recipes and ingredients (With the correct portions of each ingredient) every week (or when you like). Personally I got 3 meals a week, for 2 people. which is the Classic Box, and costs £39 – but you can get family boxes and vegetarian boxes too. And there are discount codes you can find all over the internet.

How do you get lactose free or Dairy Free options?

You can see the recipes they are planning on sending you in the next box on the site. You then have the option to swap out meals. In the 3 meal box, you can swap up to 2 dishes.

You can also see the ingredients and recipe for those dishes – so you are forewarned if they contain lactose (or other allergens)

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Essentially you’ll need to find the replacement for any ingredients during the week. So if it uses cheese, you’ll need to find some lactose free cheese, if theres yoghurt, buy lactose free, or dairy free cheese etc. Its not ideal, but it does work.

HelloFresh Lactose Recipes



  • You can swap ingredients out
  • They warn you when a recipe has lactose
  • You can see the recipes in advance
  • You’ll learn how to find workarounds
  • You get to try new meals more often
  • Very High Quality Meat and Veg
  • All the recipes I’ve tried so far, are delicious


  • You can’t exclusively ask for non lactose meals
  • It can be hard to find a decent replacement for some ingredients (Cream fraise was hard to find for example)
  • Slightly more expensive than Shop Bought if you don’t buy premium (but the ingredients sent are very high quality)

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Update: They now have Jamie Oliver Recipes in their boxes too 🙂