Lactose Free Ice Cream Alternatives

The warm weather is here, and with it brings the strong desire for ice cream, and the slight hate and jealousy of everyone running up to ice cream shops and into stores to grab any ice cream they please. What can lactose intolerant people eat for ice cream?

Luckily there are a few options for what you can eat this summer! And this year there seem to be more and more brands popping up which are lactose or dairy free! Thanks to people like Booja Booja and Bessant and Drury’s. You’ll also find a lot more store brand products like sorbets.

Your basic go to will be to look for “Dairy Free”, Soya, Coconut milk, and Sorbets and Lollies. But lets have a little look at what you can eat as a lactose free Ice Cream alternative this summer!

Our top lactose and dairy free free ice cream alternatives are:

  1. Sorbet
  2. Booja Booja
  3. Almond Dream
  4. Fruit Ice Lollies
  5. Swedish Glace
  6. So Delicious
  7. Homemade



You’re new favourite friend! If you see Sorbet in an ice cream shop or a gelateria your luck has come in. Sorbets are typically just fruit and sugar syrup. They are also delicious. Get used to seeing Lemon, Mango, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate flavours as these are the most common. Sorbet is also the same in pretty much every language, so if you can identify the sorbets you’ll find  your lactose free ice cream option in a shop!

Shop Alternatives

Bessant and Drurys


I’ve seen this stuff in Ms Cupcake and in Waitrose but it might be in other places too. It’s around £6 for a big tub, and its also really nice. The mango swirl I nearly finished in one sitting, . I haven’t tried the Raspberry swirl yet – but it looks pretty good. It’s weird that it says Frozen yoghurt since that might throw some people off, but I guess it’s made of coconut and not cows milk.

If you can find this, get a couple and stick them in  your freezer, since nothing is worse than having an ice cream craving on a hot day and having nothing you can eat!

Booja Booja


This is gluten and soya free as well as dairy free and lactose free, is actually really nice again, its not the dairy chocolate flavour but it’s still a really nice chocolate flavour. Its quite soft and easy to scoop out too, much easier than Ben and Jerrys! Again if you can find this I think it was about £6 a tub, which is a pretty fair price really!


Make Your Own!


I promise I’ll post this recipe soon! Its for Lactose free Salted Caramel Ice cream. One of the benefits of not being vegan or allergic to dairy means we can swap things out for lactose free cream and milk. So grab your favourite recipe – find your lactose free cream’s (or try swapping for coconut cream and let me know how it goes) and whip up some ice cream yourself. This stuff was amazingly good and I can’t wait to make it again this year! I used an ice cream machine for this one but theres no reason you can’t do it without a machine. Just make sure you stir every so often while it freezes.


LactoFree Icecream



I don’t know where this stuff went but Lactofree ice cream was my favourite for a while. A simple vanilla ice cream you can add anything you want to! This used to be in Tesco but I haven’t seen it in over a year. I think they may stock it in Waitrose now but I haven’t seen it. I guess as the weather gets hotter we’ll have to see if it turns up in stores! – Edit – LactoFree have told us they no longer make this

Ice Lollies



Frozen juice. You can either do these yourself, or pick the ice lollies in the store. A simple, if slightly boring option, but one that pretty much guaranteed to contain no dairy or lactose.

 Swedish Glace

Swedish Glace


This comes in a variety of flavours and is lactose and gluten free. Its really nice too and pretty easy to find in most stores

So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Creams


I haven’t seen So Delicious in the UK but they seem to be a massive brand. These ones are made of almond milk and I want to try them now! Check out their website here they seem to be in the US and Canada and people keep telling me to add them – so here you go.

Frozen Bananas

From Redditor euxneks – Freeze some ripe bananas, and then stick them in a food processor with some peanut butter (maybe some chocolate chunks too) and you’ve got some awesome peanut butter banana ice “cream”. TASTY, easy to make, and really smooth and creamy-like. Sounds like its worth a try, I’ll have to give it a go!

Trader Joes – Soy Creamy



(picture from

Trader Joes Soy Creamy also comes in highly recommended, we don’t have trader joes here in the UK though so leave comments below if you’ve tried it and liked it!

Tofutti Ice Cream Sandwiches



Another one I’ve not tried but want to! These remind me of Choc Ice’s that we have in the UK – again if you’ve tried them let us know in the comments!

What are your favourite summer treats if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan. We’ve love to know!