Lactose Free Whey Review Diet Whey Isolate 97


Update: Get the flavours! I now buy diet whey isolate salted caramel, cookies and cream, honeycomb etc- and they are amazing. Well worth it. I’ve had very good results with this since buying this years ago and I continue to buy it now.

I’ve just started going to the gym, and like most people I want to get the best results for the least effort. While my current plan is a mix of cardio (running – doing the Zombie Run 5K, so much more fun than the typical Couch to 5K system) and weights to lose a bit of weight and build some tone and muscle I kept being pointed in the direction of taking extra protein to help build and repair muscles unfortunately as you’ll find out when you start looking into it, most protein you buy will be whey, which comes from milk, which has lactose – AWESOME!

As I looked further into it though I noticed you could get protein from soy, peas, and oats as well as a few other sources which I think are more aimed at the vegan market. Soy seems to have mixed write ups on the net which says it increases estrogen in large doses, which is why I’m using Lactofree to mix my lactose free whey with. So I sent a message to the guys at The protein works being a typical annoying customer asking 1000 questions. I wanted to know if it would end up making me gain weight, if it was worth taking and of course was it truly lactose free. They were amazingly helpful and replied really quickly, it turns out the best choice for me was the Diet Whey Isolate 97 which is a refined or isolated protein which contains no lactose and much fewer calories. Perfect! While I am only aiming to take one scoop on days I go to the gym,(I’m taking half pre workout and half post work out) it seems very reasonably priced. I paid around £12 for a 16 scoop unflavoured bag. I mixed it with a little Cadbury’s cocoa powder and lactofree milk. Its not the best tasting thing in the world but its not the worst, and I’m not a fan of milk on its own anyway. You can get the flavoured versions too if you prefer.

Of course the results in terms of muscle is far too early to tell, but in terms of my stomach and the usual reaction it would have if lactose was present – all seems to be good so far!

If you buy it there is a link below to the site. My experience with them has been great. I do get a little kickback if you buy through the link but I sought out the affiliate link after I’d tried the product. Let me know in the comments what your experiences are if you’ve been trying to bulk muscle or lose weight while using a lactose free protein. Would be great to hear your experiences too. I picked up a shaker and a small bag of the lactose free protein stuff from them, it arrived quickly too. The bottle with the little whisk ball thing seems to mix it up nicely too. No lumps or gross chunks.

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