Lamberts Lactase Complex High Strength Review

Lamberts Lactase Complex 200mg

I usually pick up my lactase pills from Holland and Barrett but while in Balham the other day at the Whole Foods Natural store  I saw some alternative brands, and surprisingly these were way cheaper! I picked up Lambert’s Lactase Complex High Strength and another brand which I’ll review another time.

For a bottle of 60 they were between £9 and £12 and required only 1 pill at a time. H+Bs cost the same but need 3 at a time, and I’d frequently need about 6. So on price per pill, as well as convenience these are a winner!

So I’ve been trying these out recently and I’m happy with the results. They seem to work well and I’m only taking 1 or 2 at a time. I haven’t needed to take 3 yet. I’ve tried cheesecake, chocolate, rhubarb crumble and been fine after all of them. If you can get your hands on some of these I highly recommend them. I also got another brand which said they were gluten free (although the Lambert’s ones are too – H+B’s are not) which I’ll look at another time.

I’m sure you can buy these online too and if I find a good link I’ll add it in. If you can find these near you (mine was from the As Nature Intended in Balham

I also didn’t realise they have measurements of lactase in the pills so

Each tablet delivers:

Lactase Complex 200mg Equivalent to 4000 FCC

Which works out a little less than 3 pills of Holland and Barrett’s but means 2 is usually the right amount for any “high lactose meal” which I assume means cheese and ice cream!