Psyllium Husks from Holland and Barrett for IBS and Lactose

I go nowhere without these. If you have IBS or lactose intolerance get yourself some of these now. I know everyone has different solutions to the problem but for me this is like night and day.

There are two types of fibre, soluble and insoluble. For me, insoluble makes my IBS worse (found in cereals, brown bread etc etc) and soluble is fine (found in white rice for example). Working out which you’re fine with is vital to making it better. What these do is add much needed fibre to your diet if you can’t get it elsewhere (and since most things set it off – and since you don’t want rice with EVERY meal) these fill that gap nicely.

These come in capsules so you can carry them around in a pot easily enough (you don’t want to take this entire tub out with you!). They recommend taking two with each meal. I say experiment with this depending on how severe your ibs is. It also takes your body a few days to get used to the new fibre so be careful and don’t have too much. For me – 1 after my main evening meal is fine or after a meal I know is greasy or lacks fibre and where I don’t have rice. Two if its a particularly bad meal (think take-aways). I also have 1 before a coffee if its on an empty stomach.

The bottle says to take them before a meal (around 20minutes before) but I find it better if I take it after my meal – this is also easier since half the time you don’t know when you’re eating and you can’t plan. It also gives the stuff a chance to work after your body has started to break it down a bit.

The way this stuff works is it absorbs water – a lot of water. Seriously a LOT. You are meant to drink a glass of water with it or it can dry you up or bung you up. (Use this to your advantage and have a little less water perhaps if you have ibs-d) I’m not a doctor so check with them first, but for me it works well. Also make sure to sure plenty of extra water through the day to make up for it.

After looking around for an IBS solution I don’t go anywhere without these now.

They are like some weird miricle cure from everything I read.

if you have IBS-C It makes it easier to pass,

if you have IBS-D it absorbs liquid so it works well for both types of IBS.

I usually have one of these if I have a meal with lots of lactose in too. But from what i’ve read, it can interfere with the way the body absorbs some medication so personally I have the lactase pills – wait around 20/30mins – and then take the psyllium husks.

The key with this is to give it a couple of weeks and see what works for you and for your body to get used to it. You can get tubs of powder that you mix with water – it sucks. Don’t do it. It tastes gross, you can’t really carry it around. Just a bad choice overall (although it still works).

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