Symprove Probiotic Review

Symprove Priobiotic

I was lucky enough to have Symprove send me a 12 week program of their probiotic for ibs to try out. Typically they say it takes 12 weeks to see the full effects of the probiotics.

I’d heard about probiotic treatments for ibs before, but the probiotics i’ve seen typically come in yoghurts or contain lactose which rules them out for me – but Symprove is lactose free. Symprove have also done experiments that show their bacteria stays alive until the gut. For 12 weeks you take it every day 5-10 minutes before you eat anything that day. I’ve heard of people having decent success through similar methods so I figured why the hell not! Typically the course would set you back £157 at the time of writing, and they are currently offering 4 weeks free (the last 4)

Anyway – how it went! I noticed really good results within the first few days already! I was eating a lot of the “trigger” foods that week and my symptoms were already a lot lower than usual.

Over the course of the 12 weeks i’ve noticed an improvement, and I’ve now stopped taking the course and the results still seem to have stuck! I’ve even managed to have the occasional beer or two!

The one I was taking during the trial was mango and passion fruit flavour, it wasn’t a great taste, but it certainly wasn’t awful and was something I easily took every day. (2 or 3 gulps may be better than trying to down it in one though)

The results have been amazing, I’ve stopped taking psylium husks (and stopped at the same time as starting the Symprove program) and I’ve been fine since.

Big thanks to the guys from Symprove, I happily tell people about this product and while some have been sceptical they’ve all come around and been impressed with the obvious results.

While the course can be a little expensive it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

This won’t make any difference to your lactose intolerance as it doesn’t increase the number of those type of bacteria. It is however lactose free, gluten free and contains a stupidly high number of bacteria.

If you’ve got IBS, especially one that is triggered by foods not just from stress/emotions, try this to see if it sorts you out!

If you’ve had any success dealing with ibs let me know!