Trying A2 Milk for Lactose Intolerance

I was contacted by the lovely people at A2 milk to show off their new findings. I’d heard of A2 milk in the past but honestly its not something i’d ever tried. My experience with lactose free milks and milk alternatives (almond, rice etc) has been pretty positive. A2 Milk contains lactose but doesn’t contain the A1 protein, which their recent study has found is actually the cause of the intolerance symptoms most people experience and put down to “lactose intolerance”. I’ll be trying this over the weekend. (Fun symptoms mean its not a great idea trying this without a buffer in time for symptoms)

What I’m going to try: I’m going to try a bit in my coffee and try making some food with A2 to see if it triggers the symptoms and i’ll update this post with my findings.

According to their recent study (Study results can be found in more detail Can be found on the A2 site. In the recent trial conducted they said

all participants (half of which were diagnosed as lactose intolerant, and the other half self-reported as sensitive to dairy) could tolerate a2 Milk with no digestive problems, even those who were medically diagnosed as lactose intolerant

The A1 protein is the one that causes a lot of symptoms in people who have lactose intolerance, but some cows naturally produces only the A2 protein (hence the name). So by using this milk you’ll be able to drink real cows milk without the effects and symptoms you’d usually get. So the milk isn’t treated with anything else to remove the protein, it is naturally A1 free. Obviously its worth trying it out in small doses first to see if its the lactose or the A1 protein which you’re actually effected by. The price is pretty much the same as Lactofree milk £1.35 a litre, and its always good to have more options for real milk to drink. And it isn’t suitable for people with cows milk protein allergies

Will this eliminate the use of non dairy milks? Probably not, but its great to have more options to pick from and to have more awareness of what you’re really intolerant too which can help you make smarter choices.

You can track down the milk near you, it’s pretty wide spread, I have noticed it in stores before they contacted me. They have a store locator page here

Let us know what you think and what your experience was like compared to lactose free milk and dairy free milk. Its important to note too *a2 Milk™ is not suitable for anyone medically diagnosed with galactosaemia, lactose intolerance or a cows’ milk allergy.