Valor Sin Lactosa Milk Chocolate

Valor Lactose Free Chocolate

This lactose free chocolate is a little different to the other lactose free chocolate we’ve looked at before. This one contains milk. However what is also contains is lactase – the pills I take with some meals are lactase. This digests the milk sugars for you (and I believe it will have digested it before you even eat it as they will have added it to the milk beforehand).

This means the chocolate is super milky and delicious It reminds me of Lindt or Lindor. I found this bar in TK Maxx so I have no idea where I can get some regularly, but it was only a couple of pounds. The Valor brand is Spanish. I had never heard of them before but they do some really nice chocolate. The dark chocolate doesn’t contain milk (as its dark) but this is a full milk bar.

Valor – if you’re out there or if anyone else in the UK knows – where can I get more of this. I’ve missed genuine milk chocolate so much.

Muchas gracias, su chocolate es muy rico. Por favor hacer mas!