Zygest Super Lactase Enzyme Review

If you know a little bit about lactose intolerance you’ll know that the bulk of the issues stem from the body not being able to dygest the lactose enzyme. This can either be because you don’t produce enough, or becauseyou don’t produce any at all. After a while of avoiding everything dairy and milk related I got frustrated and was thinking “why can’t I just stick the enzyme in me and let it digest it all for me or regrow the culture!” – well it turns out you totally can get it to digest it for you – but you can’t spark a new culture, as it is something the body produces itself. After a quick google I found some stuff in America that you put in the milk itself that digests the lactose but that isn’t what I wanted.. This stuff from the UK in Holland and Barrett digests it in your stomach (or intestine?).

It works by taking a few pills (I take between 5-8 for stuff like ice cream and 2-4 for things like chocolate bars, donuts, cupcakes etc).  You take them just before a meal and in theory by the time your body needs to digest the lactose – the pills have done whatever they do and it starts to digest it all for you.

I’ve had mainly positive experiences with this. A few times it hasn’t worked and I wouldn’t rely on it 100% but in general (maybe 80% of the time for me) it completely sorts the symptoms I’d normally have or greatly reduces them. It’s still best to avoid milk in general but if there are some amazing cupcakes being offered around or you’re in the mood for a donut or you REALLY need some ice cream then give this a go. Its a little expensive at around £10 a bottle, considering you take 4 or 5 at a time on average, but it’s something I try not to leave the house without.

If you’re suffering from lactose intolerance this is really a must have. Your mileage may vary and it’s worth experimenting. (the dreaded technique of eating something and making sure you have nothing planned the next day…just in case!) but in general it’ll help you out.  As part of a controlled diet you should be fine.

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