Five Guys has Dairy/Lactose

I tried the Five Guys in London last night, and while the burger wasn’t bad at all (I still prefer Honest Burger 😉 ) it was lucky I checked online first to see if they contained any lactose.

You’ll see on their site that their buns contain dairy. While this isn’t bad in itself – the fact that this is on the site and I couldn’t find it in store or any warning on the menus in the store is frustrating!

Five Guys
Five Guys (Photo credit: revrev)

I was actually given the wrong burger first, with a lettuce bun (did the secretly know I’m lactose intolerant?)- which is a nice option for anyone who still wants to eat at Five Guys, but there needs to be clearer labeling in store that their buns contain dairy as its not a given, that a standard burger bun will contain dairy. Even if it was labelled as brioche it would be clearer.

None of the other items (except the obvious like cheese) contain dairy as far I could find during my research. So if you’re going to Five Guys, take some lactase pills, or opt for the lettuce bun.