Review: Flesh and Buns

I’ve been to Flesh and Buns in Covent Garden twice now as well as their other place – Bone Daddies. They specialise in Japanese steamed buns. They are light and white and fluffy and weirdly (in a nice way) sweet. On the menu you’ll also find sushi for starters (such as rolls, tempura prawns, and so on) But for the main you’ll see a selection of meats. steak, suckling baby pig, Duck leg are amongst the favourites. Personally after being there twice, the first time we had the pork we were a little disappointed, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t mind blowing. However, the steak and the duck are amazing! Seriously outstanding steak. 28 day aged and cooked perfectly nice and pink (as we asked for)

Julia's Steamed Buns with Pork Stir-Fry
Julia’s Steamed Buns with Pork Stir-Fry (Photo credit: avlxyz)

The way it works is you order your main meats, and then you order a couple of steamed buns to go on the side. Then you fill the buns with meat, vegetables and sauce and eat it like a little sandwich. The buns are amazingly light and fluffy and the right kind of sweet that complements the meat and sauces.

Price-wise flesh and buns is a little above where you might go for a regular Friday night meal. It serves as a great special occasion place. The atmosphere is friendly but trendy, and the staff are more then helpful. They made sure we didn’t over order,  but were quick to bring us more buns when we needed them. They were also knowledgeable and what did and didn’t have dairy in them. The buns are dairy free at Flesh and Buns, as are the meats and tempura.

For pudding they do a cool smores desert which has green tea chocolate between two biscuits (I didn’t check but i’m guessing not dairy free) and they bring it out on a little fire that lets you toast your marshmallow and get it all goey. You know you’re going to be ordering one of these as soon as you see them being brought out to other tables!

Flesh and Buns Smores

I would recommend eating there, its quite the experience, a little expensive, maybe not quite overpriced, but not cheap enough to be a regular eatery. If you’re in Covent Garden check them out.

Oh and lest we forget – the toilet wallpaper is hentai! (the rest was a little NSFW)

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