Does coleslaw contain lactose or dairy?

Does coleslaw have dairy

Coleslaw is a stable of BBQ and summer. A bit bowl of crunchy cabbage that you love or hate. But if you’re craving some coleslaw and you’re lactose intolerant, can you eat it?

Coleslaw is a weird one and the answer is a mixed one. So

Does coleslaw contain lactose or dairy? 

No it does not contain dairy or lactose…but many places add in cream to add to the flavour. Double check the ingredients when you buy it in a store, and ask in a restaurant. The traditional coleslaw recipe only contains cabbage, mayonnaise, carrots and some other bits. Some light mayonnaise also contains dairy so its a good idea to check that too. Personally I avoid it in places where I don’t know the ingredients.

If you have a great coleslaw recipe feel free to share it below too!