Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie Review

I was recently in Edinburgh and while I was there I discovered the American Candy World store. While feelings seem to be mixed about it’s existence in Edinburgh I went in anyway to savour the delights that you usually find in Cybercandy in London.


To my surprise though I found some cookies from a company called Lenny and Larry. These cookies are Vegan and contain no eggs and no dairy (so no lactose!). Which is perfect for me!


So I snapped up one peanut butter cookie and one chocolate chip cookie but they also have double chocolate and an oatmeal and raisin one. They are both massive! I managed to snack on one across two days!


I really liked these cookies. Obviously I have to say that I prefer my own cookie recipe 😉 but these big cookies are great too. They are a little harder than a traditional chewy cookie with a little snap but they were nice and moist and the peanut could be tasted in the peanut one and the chocolate could be tasted in the chocolate one (which they should be 😉 )

I don’t know where to find these in London, but if I saw them again I’d pick them up, they were a bit pricey at £2.50 but it’s always more expensive in import stores and like I said before, they are a big cookie!

Lenny and Larry seem to have a big range of muscle cookies too. I’m not sure if they give you instant muscles – but they contain a lot of protein which helps! They seem like a really nice company and I hope to see more of their products in the UK without having to look in import stores 🙂