Dairy Free Coconut Macaroons

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March 2, 2016

These coconut macaroons are Paleo, dairy free, lactose free and simple and quick to make! Really tasty and store pretty well too.

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins


1Take your egg whites and honey and whisk them up with a fork. I did this until frothy, rather than like fluffy egg whites.

2Now mix in your salt and whisk again.Mix in the coconut well make sure you get it all coated. Make sure they are flakes (bigger and chunkier) and not desiccated coconut or shredded coconut.

3Chill the mixture for around 1/’2 hour

4Press into little balls. You should get around 8 out of this mixture. I just did this by hand, squeeze them tight so they hold together long enough to cook. You’ll probably squeeze some of the liquid out between your fingers – thats fine!

5Cook for between 7-12minutes at 170. They go brown very quickly so keep an eye on them 🙂

6Leave to cool for about an hour if you can wait that long. But it will help them keep their shape


2 Egg Whites

1/4 cup Honey

1/4 tsp Maldon Salt

2 cups Coconut Flakes


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